Southern Africa

Countries of southern Africa …

Southern Africa – the southern part of the African continent. The Kunene and Zambezi rivers are often considered the northern border of Southern Africa: this means that the region includes all five countries belonging to Southern Africa (according to the UN classification), as well as Zimbabwe and southern Mozambique

East Africa

Several countries included in East Africa …

East Africa – geographical term, covering the African countries from east of the Nile except Egypt. About 200 nationalities live in East Africa and four language groups are found.


Four islands including Madagascar ….

You can choose any of the four islands:

Central Africa

Several countries are in Central Africa …

Central Africa – geographical area, extending to the western part of Africa and sub-Saharan equatorial band includes a vast flat basin of the Congo, in the west adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea, in the north of the plateau includes Azande, in the south – a plateau Lundahl continues his highlands of Angola.